ATF Chiptuning


In principle, chip tuning can be done on any vehicle that has an ECU (Engine control unit). Međutim na pojedinim modelima je dobitak jako zanemarljiv pa se trud ne isplati. For example, gasoline engines without a turbochargers cannot get a significant increase in power, so most tuners avoid using them. For this reason, Safe Chip Tuning does not do the following:

We do not work on vehicles older than 2000. years.
We do not make TDI engines other than PD (discharge pump) or CR (common rail).
We don’t do naturally aspirated gasoline engines.
We do not make turbo gasoline engines older than 2007. years.

There are also many models on which it is not possible to perform chip tuning for some other reasons, the list would be too large for this page, so if you have a dilemma about your car, it is best to send a question via

The term Chip Tuning means improving the car’s performance without changing engine components. The term Chip Tuning means improving the car’s performance without changing engine components. However, the term Chip Tuning has been retained from the period when the chip itself was changed, while today this procedure is performed without replacing the chip. The term remap is often used, which is more accurate. Namely, today’s Chip Tuning is carried out by changing the “maps” (operation parameters) in the engine computer. Engine computer or ECU (Engine Control Unit) is an integral part of every car manufactured after 2000. year, but can also be found in many models produced before that period. It has the role of monitoring and controlling the operation of the engine through various sensors and actuators. In modern turbo engines, which Chip Tuning is most focused on, the engine computer constantly controls air pressure, fuel pressure, fuel injection time, fuel injection duration, etc. By changing some of these parameters, better performance is achieved. As we have already mentioned, today the chip is not changed, but the content of the motor computer is changed so that it is read either via the OBDII diagnostic connector or directly from the computer. Then that read file is edited using the appropriate programs and after that the modified file is returned to the engine computer.

English The primary purpose of chip tuning is to increase the power and torque of the engine for better performances. Greater power and greater torque enable better and more elastic acceleration of the vehicle and earlier reaching of the desired speed. A higher maximum speed is generally achieved with the intervention. Any other benefit, if it exists, and it depends on the engine of your vehicle, is not of great importance.